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Qi Gong classes are open to all who would like to attend, at no cost (tip offerings accepted)  Watch for the beginning of classes!

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 Note: All classes require sheets and bolsters, most will require lotions

The Bushland Method of Lymphatic Therapy Level 1: Patterns    (12 hours)

pre-requisite:  LMT or PT

Learn the basics of The Bushland Method including patterns of drainage and methods used in Applied Kinesiology, Chiropratic and massage to stimulate the Lymphatic System in a healthy body.

Learn History, and theories of the modality.  Discuss current studies and statistics.


Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexes    (6 hours)

 pre-requisite:  LMT or PT (some lymphatic background is preferred)

Learn how the Neuro-Lymhatic Reflexes work as in Applied Kinesiology, Chiropratic and massage to stimulate the Lymphatic System in the body.


Learn History, and theories of A.K .  Learn quick protocols to stimulate the Lymphatic system.


Bushland Method of MLD for Trauma and Pathology  (12 hours)

pre-requisite:  Level 1

Discuss and practice the Bushland Method of Lymphatic Stimulation.  Meet and work on clients with extreme lymphatic disorders.  Brainstorm about and practice adjustments to the work in cases of injury, surgery, disease, etc.


Bushland Method of MLD for Trigger Points  (6 hours)

pre-requisite:  Level 1

We will study recent findings in the causes and treatments of trigger points in the body including the use of Lymphatic Therapy.


Bushland Method of MLD and Myo-Fascial Release  (6 hours)

pre-requisite:  Level 1

Learn the effects of fascial restrictions on lymphatic flow and discuss some of the most effective methods of fascial release in order to facilitate lymphatic flow.


Massage Cupping  (6 - 12 hours)

pre-requisite: None

 Learn the newest incarnation of the ancient healing technique.  No flames required!  (Kits available for cost of kit and shipping only) Bring at least one hand towel and a medium bowl for washing stones.


Hot Stone (6 - 12 hours)

pre-requisite:  LMT or PT

Practice the Cadillac modality of massage!  Bring at least two hand towels, one bath sized towel and a medium sized bowl in addition to your sheets and lotions (a blanket is advised)


Body Mechanics  (6 - 12 hours)

pre-requisite:  LMT or PT

Learn to work smarter not harder!  Do you remember and practice everything that you learned in Basic about how to keep from hurting yourself?  Most of us don't.  Does your back hurt? wrists and thumbs ache?  Been diagnosed with carpal tunnel or back injury?  Let's see what we can do to keep you working!

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